How Often Should You Use A Water Flosser

How Often Should You Use A Water Flosser

You may be new to water flossing. Or you are still wondering whether you should gift yourself a water flosser. Anyway, if you are interested in water flossers, I have to say you are already on a way that can greatly help your oral health, which is important for everyone. You may be still curious about things related to water flossing such as how often to use water flosser. This passage will answer this one and other frequently asked questions about water flossers.

How Often Should You Use Water Flosser?

The American Dental Association recommends that you should use a water flosser once a day. You can floss your teeth in the morning or evening before you go to bed. Should I floss first or brush first? Many doctors suggest flossing first. But you can have a try by yourself to find out which choice is more suitable for you. What’s important is the daily use of a water flosser.

However, for people who wear braces or other dental items, you may need to clean your teeth with a water flosser more than once a day such as after meals. Go to ask your dentist to get a customized suggestion for you. And if you have any oral disease, ask your dentist how often should you use a water flosser first as well.

Why Choose Water Flosser?

Why should you choose a water flosser instead of a traditional flosser? An essential reason is water flosser is easier to use and it can reach more corners in your oral. Traditional floss is completely controlled by ourselves so that there are many corners that will be ignored and left. Besides, if your teeth are not so straight or you wear braces, a water flosser is your best choice.

What Kind of Water Flosser Should You Choose?

To have a good cleaning effect, you’d better choose a professional and easy-to-use water flosser. It is highly suggested to use a visual water flosser that enables you to see the inner oral cavity such as the C3 Visual Water Flosser of eXemptCares. And this feature makes it outstanding!

This visual water flosser has loaded a camera on its tip. It will show your inner oral when you floss with 1080p image pictures. This tool is definitely waterproof, so do not worry about the water. eXemptCares visual water flosser can help clean food residues, remove tartar, whiten teeth, solve bad breath, and so on.
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I guess you already have answers to how often to use a water flosser and what water flosser you need. Hope this passage helps. Share this passage on social media if you like it!