How to Open a Blocked Ear - 4 Best Solutions

How to Open a Blocked Ear - 4 Best Solutions

Recently we are asked frequently about blocked ear: “my ear feels blocked and I can't hear properly.” It seems there are plenty of people who are disturbed by this blocked ear issue. A blocked ear or blocked ears will bring you life much trouble. What’s worse, if you leave it alone, the clogged ear may change to ear pain or dizziness.

The blocked ear can be caused by various reasons such as earwax buildup. And not everyone can find a good way to dissolve the clogged ears. Just keep reading to get the most possible reasons and 4 reliable solutions for this blocked ear issue.

Why Is My Ear Blocked?

The causes of the blocked ears vary. It is nearly impossible to include all of them in this article. Thus, here we will stress only the 3 most common reasons.

  • Earwax Buildup

Mostly, your ear gets blocked because the earwax buildup if you do not have serious pain. Earwax is naturally accumulated by our body, while sometimes the excess earwax will produce a blocked ear. This happens a lot in our lives and to most people. In this case, you can try the following methods in the next part to fix the ear blocked problem.

  • Aeroplane Ear

This kind of reason only happens after the pressure of air in your body is different from that in the ear canal. So if you go to high altitude, dive, or fly, then you might get this issue.

  • Middle Ear Infection

Sinus congestion or some other congestion may cause fluid buildup in the middle ear and inflammation. Usually, the blocked ear comes with ear pain. In this case, you’d better go to see a doctor. If the symptom is not serious, your body will recover by itself.

How to Fix a Blocked Ear?

how do you open a blocked ear? Struggle to swallow water over and over again? Lean your head and press your ears? Some may even try to use their fingers to open the blocked ear. However, that will bring damage to your ears. Try the suggestions below to fix a blocked ear.

Best Solution: Use A Professional Ear Wax Removal Tool with Camera - eXemptCares Find B

For the most part, the blocked ear is caused by earwax. If your ear is blocked with earwax and causes discomfort, the best solution is to use a professional earwax removal tool with a camera rather than a q-tip to clean your earwax. With eXemptCares Find B, an ear wax removal with a camera, you can know the condition of the ear canal. Then you will know it is really the earwax that blocks the ear.

Main Features of eXemptCares Find B:

  1. 360°wide-angle professional-grade lens to see the details in ear canal
  2. Smooth silicone ear spoons to protect ear
  3. 240mAH rechargeable battery to use for 30 days

eXemptCares Find B Visual Earwax Removal

  • Use Chemical Liquid

Some pros tend to apply the chemical liquid to remove the ear wax in order to cure the blocked ear. People use Hydrogen peroxide, or mix it with hot water, and drop it into the ears to break up the blockage. Carbamide or baby oil can be chosen for that purpose as well.

But when you drop them into your ear, be careful. If you do not have experience with it, simply go back to the first solution.

  • Chew Gums

When you are on a flight, the ear blocked is usually called the aeroplane ear. When the symptom is not serious, usually you can recover by chewing gums. If you still feel bad, then do not wait for asking for help from an airline stewardess.

  • Go to See A Doctor

A method that is suitable for everyone is to ask for advice from a doctor. They will teach you why your ear is blocked and fix it for you. Especially when you got the middle ear infection.

Until now, it is clear how to fix a blocked ear. Hope the tips above work for you. If you find this passage useful, do not hesitate to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to support us!