My Ear Feels Full! What Should I do?

My Ear Feels Full! What Should I do?

Your ear feels full when lying down or waking up? The fullness of the ear may occur all of a sudden. What does it mean when your ear feels full? In fact, when your ear feels full, you feel your ear blocked, clogged, or stuffed. Mostly, this symptom only persists for a few minutes or hours. If you feel ear feels full for days or even weeks, you’d better take actions to deal with this issue.

This passage aims to help people who are disturbed by ear fullness to find the cause and solutions of their problem.

6 Possible Causes for Ear Fullness

  • When you get cold, it will be hard to equalize the pressure on your inner ear. Then probably your ear feels full of fluid or earwax.
  • Some water gets stuck in your ear when you swim or take a shower.
  • Do you have allergic rhinitis? This is a possible cause of ear fullness.
  • Change of air pressure might cause this problem. This happens a lot during a flight.
  • When impacted earwax keeps building up, your ear feels full. Just clean your ear canal regularly with professional tools like visual earwax removals to avoid hurting your ear canal.
  • Ear feels full after loud noise? Sometimes, people will feel their ears full after they hear noise at high decibels. Generally, this hearing loss is temporary. But when it is not, go to a doctor for help immediately.

How to Solve Ear Feels Full?

Don’t feel too worried when your ear feels full and ringing. Follow my guides below to find a solution for your ear fullness.

Get water out of your ear: If you go swimming recently or get water stuck in your ear canal when taking shower, you can turn your head to the left or right side to get them out of your ear.

Take a deep breath and exhale: Just simply balance the air pressure by swallowing, chewing gum or taking a deep breath and exhaling.

Clean earwax regularly: You’d better clean your earwax in cause it piles up and clog your ear canal. Pay attention to the tool you use. Forget common earwax removers or q-tips. To protect the ear canal and remove earwax buildup without hurting the eardrum, try to use visual earwax removers such as eXemptCares Earwax Removal or some earwax drops. For most people who do not know much about earwax removing drops and those who prefer simple methods, an earwax remover with a camera is their best option.

eXempt Cares Find B Visual Earwax Removel

eXemptCares Find B Earwax Removal is highly recommended for its 5-megapixel wireless ear otoscope. The inner ear is clearly shown via its app when you get this remover inside your ear. It is also waterproof, so you can just do it when there is water in your ear. It can be used for 30 days for every charge.

Cure yourself of cold: If you are experiencing a coldness, you might feel your ear full. Wait for the end of the cold. Then see whether your ear feels full and ringing.

Go to see a doctor: If your ear feels full after loud noise and the symptom persists, you’d better go to see a doctor find professional advice for this hearing loss.