What is the Best Ear Wax Removal Tool

What is the Best Ear Wax Removal Tool

Nowadays we more and more care about our eyes, skin, hair, and even our nails! Few notice an important organ on our head -- the ears. A great number of people hurt their hearing by improper habits, especially when they deal with their earwax.

It is dangerous to use inappropriate tools to get rid of your earwax, such as your little fingernail or q-tips. They will push the earwax even further into your ear and may accidentally hurt your eardrum or other parts of your ear. What is the best ear wax removal tool to avoid that situation? Here we have some ear wax removal tools for you to clean earwax while protecting your ears.

1. eXemptCares Find B - Best Ear Wax Removal Tool with Camera

What is the best ear wax removal tool? An ear wax removal with camera will meet your need. eXemptCares Find B is an earwax removal tool equipped with a 360°wide-angle professional-grade lens so that users are able to watch the inner of your ear, which makes it easy to clean the ear wax while protecting your eardrum. You can watch the situation inside your ear with the help of the app which you need to install on your phone.

eXemptCares Find B Visual Earwax Removal

Find B provides a 240mAH rechargeable battery which means this best ear wax removal tool can be used for 30 days. You do not have to charge it frequently. What’s more, the whole process to use this ear wax removal tool is quite easy and eXemptCares also offers a detailed guide on the product.

2. Comparison with Other Ear Wax Removal Tools

Here we are going to list some ear wax removal tools and compare them with eXemptCares. Then you will know which is the one that suits you best.


Spade is also a good ear wax removal tool. Compared with your nail or cotton swabs, it is not easy to hurt the ear. However, when we talk about waterproofing, eXemptCares with IP67 Waterproof performs better. Besides, the price of Spade earwax removal tool is much higher than eXemptCares. It cost $99.99 while you only need $27.90 to get an eXemptCares earwax removal.


Tvidler is an effective ear wax removing tool with a soft Silicone tip. Compared with eXemptCares, whose tip is also made of soft Silicone, a big shortcoming of Tvidler is the camera issue. Tvidler does not load with a camera so it is not as convenient as eXemptCares.


All in all, ears really need more attention from us. Forget the inappropriate methods such as cotton swabs. To clean earwax at home, you can try the ear wax removal tools above. From the comparison, you can find that the best ear wax removal tool is surely eXemptCares Find B - Visual Ear Wax Removal. Just have a try and keep your ears clean and safe.