Why is My Ear Ringing And How to Stop It

Why is My Ear Ringing And How to Stop It

Why do I hear ringing in my ear? Why is my left ear ringing? Many people ask questions like these. Living in modern society, it is never strange to hear sudden ringing in ear or other sounds like buzzing. When we finish our work and family issues in the deep night, it is more likely to hear ear ringing. Indeed, this problem will not threaten life, but this definitely influences sleep quality and might cause other diseases.

Ear ringing might be caused by exposure to loud sounds such as a concert, while there are still other causes. Now, this guide will walk you through the causes of ear ringing and how to stop ear ringing.

Why is my ear ringing

  • Loud sound exposure: A usual cause of ear ringing is receiving loud sounds without any protection. What kind of sounds can be called loud sounds and lead to this issue? In general, we think sounds over 85dB are too loud for most of us.
  • Earwax buildup: Too much earwax in your ear canal might let your ear rings.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco: These will affect blood flow and possibly bring ear ringing to you.
  • Other medical problems: Some medicine and diseases will cause ear ringing.

How to stop ear ringing

You might feel ear rings in your left or right ear, even both of them. If your problem is not severe but really bothers you, here are some tips to help reduce ear ringing.

Avoid loud sounds: Stop using in-ear headphones or going to concerts, or bars where you have to expose yourself to loud noise.

Clean earwax: Earwax over buildup is bad for your ear health. Clean earwax when too much earwax piles up in your ear canal. This will not only stop ear ringing but also reduce the possibility of getting other ear-related diseases.
Note that never use cotton swab or transitional earwax remover because they will push your earwax or foreign items further into ear canal. A good solution is a visual earwax removal like Find B Visual Earwax Removal which is built with a camera and empowers you to see the inner ear condition. You can clearly see the image of ear canal so that you can easily get the earwax or foreign item out of your ear. See how to use this Visual Earwax Removal.

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Insist healthy habits: Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco intake to cope with right or left ear ringing. This will influence blood pressure and your health.
If you have trouble sleeping, meditation and white noise are helpful for falling asleep easier and improving sleep quality.

Exercise or Yoga can relax you and also improve your health. Besides, they are good for your sleep. Insist on them and you will find unbelievable changes in yourself.

Seek help from doctor: Going to a doctor is always a safe method for any uncomfortable feeling. Most often, it is hard for you to find the reason for the ear ringing. Your doctor will help you cope with this issue.