Why Water Flosser?

Why Water Flosser?

A water flosser, also known as an oral irrigator, is an oral care device that directs a stream of water between your teeth and gums, removing food debris, plaque and bacteria. Combined with daily flossing, a water flosser enhances your daily oral care routine.

Flossing is important because a toothbrush is only able to reach the outer regions of your teeth and the majority of plaque, food debris, bacteria are usually stuck between the teeth which are only accessible by a flosser.

How to use it?

A water flosser doesn't replace your toothbrush or traditional flossing. You still need to brush your teeth twice a day, but you can use the water flosser before or after.

Fill your water flosser's reservoir with lukewarm water, then put the flosser tip in your mouth. Lean over the sink to avoid a mess.

Turn it on and then it's time to clean. Hold the handle at a 90-degree angle to your teeth and spray. Water comes out in steady pulses, cleaning between your teeth.

Start at the back and work your way around your mouth. Focus on the top of your teeth, the gum line, and the spaces between each tooth. Remember to get the back of your teeth, too.

The process should take about 2 minutes. Empty any extra water from the reservoir when you're done so bacteria don’t grow inside.

Water Flosser VS Traditional Floss

  • Research says that a water flosser is up to 29% better in cleaning your teeth and gums. Traditional dental floss is harder to use for some people and if they are not careful and can easily irritate their gums.
  • A water flosser improves your gum health. Water flosser allows you to quickly and easily remove plaque and food debris from places that are hard to reach. By cleaning these hidden areas, you can prevent diseases like gingivitis and other gum-related diseases.
  • A water flosser is ideal for braces. If you use braces, you will find it is very difficult to floss or brush your teeth using a traditional flosser or toothbrush. The tip head from a water flosser can efficiently clean your teeth behind the wires and flush out any particles between the teeth without a problem.
  • A water flosser can offer better cleaning. Dentists recommend water flossers especially to people who have experienced gum disease in the past. Unlike a traditional floss, the water flosser is able to clean your teeth deeply by penetrating the periodontal pockets and removing any plaque or food between the teeth.

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