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Shipping is FREE over $50 in United States. When shipping internationally it is important to know that the end customer is importing the product, and will therefore likely have to pay duties/taxes.

When you see a "pre-order" button next to a model, it means you can place an order for that model from eXempt -- even though it may not be in stock yet. Shipping dates will vary, depending on the model and when we expect to receive new inventory. The anticipated shipping timeframe will be shown on the "model detail" page of the website. All ship dates, however, are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice.


eXempt warrants its products for 2 years after the date of purchase.
Warranty and Support

Using Guide

General instructions and a how to video are available:

Water Flosser Instructions

User manual for detailed instructions:
Visual Water Flosser User Manual

Once you receive an email from us that your order has been shipped, simply click on the link in the email to track your order, using the shipment number in the email.

The different types of tip heads are available through our online store. Please follow the below link to view available parts and for information about purchasing:
All replacement tip heads

eXempt visual water flosser is rated IP67 waterproof. To learn how to clean your water flosser, please follow the below steps:
1. Clean the outside of the device by a soft cloth and cleanser.
2. Clean the water reservoir by warm water for 30-45 seconds.
3. Clean the tip heads by rinsing them under warm water.
We recommend to complete this process every 1-3 months to keep your water flosser performing at its best.

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