How to Straighten Hair at Home: 4 Solutions!

How to Straighten Hair at Home: 4 Solutions!

Which one is more attractive, straight hair or curly hair? It is hard to give an answer. In general, straight hair looks healthy and smooth. And they are always the classic style which will not be abandoned. Going to the salon might be a good choice when you decide to straighten your curly or natural hair. But this might cost a lot and sometimes you will find your hair restore to its original status. Can I straighten hair at home? How to straighten hair without heat? We collect 4 different methods to meet your various need. Keep reading to find your answer.

How to Straighten Hair by Brushing

A simple method to straighten hair at home is brushing. First of all, wash your hair. When your hair is completely wet, use a brush to brush it from top to bottom every five minutes. Also, pull out and hold each hair for several seconds, when you are brushing.

How to Straighten Hair without Heat

Likewise, you can try a roller which is suggested by some hairstylists. You might suspect the effect of a roller. Why not have a try on your hair if you coincidentally have some hair rollers.

You should find some hair rollers which are as larger as possible. After cleaning your hair, use a towel to dry your hair. Brush your hair to make it smooth. Divide your hair into 6-8 pieces. Then use hair rollers to wind the hair from the end with the direction away from your head. Do this until all your hair is winded by your rollers. Wait until your hair gets dry and free them as well as brush them.

With this magic tool, you do not need to heat your hair. But the straightening effect depends. Looking for a fast and effective way to straighten hair? Here we also have an instant and affordable method.

How to Straighten Hair within 10 Minutes

How to straighten curly hair? The natural methods above are not effective for curly hairs. The fastest and easiest way to straighten your curly hair or natural hair is those professional hair straighteners. The best one among them is Hair Straightener Brush. Unlike the traditional straighteners, this brush has hair comb with teeth, which is much easier to straighten hair. What you only need to do is pull and brush your hair with it. Its Anti- Scald Design will avoid burning the scalp and it always performs stably since it is made of PTC material.

Hair Straightener Brush works for all kinds of hair including long, short, curly, thin, and thick hair. The effect of this professional hair straighter is much better than the other 3 kinds of methods and you only need 10 minutes or less to straighten hair.

Hair Straightener Brush

How to Permanently Straighten Hair?

If your hair is not very straight, it is hard to keep them straight permanently, even if you go to the salon at times. The only way to keep the straightening effect longer is to repeat the straightening regularly. Hair pros suggest using hair masks regularly. There are many DIY hair masks that can be used to straighten hair such as milk, olive oil, egg, coconut, and so on.