Why Is My Ear Itchy? 5 Tips for Itchy Ear

Why Is My Ear Itchy? 5 Tips for Itchy Ear

Your ear starts to itch suddenly and you have no idea about the reason? Can’t stand to scratch your ear canal but it still itches? Itchy ears seem not to be a serious problem. But it will be troublesome since it might appear at your work, at a meeting, during sleep, or everywhere in your life. If it keeps happen, this must destroy the life quality. Even worse, it is possible to develop a severe issue for your health.

Anyone with this issue may want to know the underlying cause of this problem. Why is my ear so itchy? Today we will dig out the fact of itchy ears as well as helpful itchy ear remedy.

Why Is the Inside of My Ear Itchy?

Here are the most likely reasons for itchy ears. You can decide how to fix this itchy ear issue after you figure out the real cause of it.

1. Excess Earwax
One of the causes of itchy ears could be the excess earwax buildup. The over-accumulation of earwax will make your ear itch or get blocked. But using a q-tip is prone to pushing the earwax further. So it is necessary to learn how to clean earwax safely.

2. Hearing Aid or Earbuds
The items that are inserted into your ear may be the root of your itchy inner ear. They will press the ear canal, rub the inner skin, and produce discomfort. Moreover, some people seem to be allergic to parts of their hearing aid or earbuds. For the hearing aid, you definitely cannot stop wearing them. You need to seek advice from your doctor. However, you need to wear your earbuds less if you get an itchy ear canal issue due to it.

3. Allergies
Do you have any allergies? You may have a pollen allergy or other kinds of allergies. Some allergies will appear as itchy ears. Sometimes, the itchiness will expand to other places such as your face skin.

4. Skin Issue
Some skin issues will exist at any place on your body including your ear. If you have any skin issues, that may be the cause.

5. Ear Infection
An ear infection will make your inner ear itch. And it usually will bring pain to your ear. Just go to a doctor if you get these symptoms.

Inner Ear Itch? How to Fix?

In this part, we will introduce things you should do to fix itchy ear canal and things you shouldn’t do to prevent this issue.

Things You Should Do

  • If your ear itches due to an allergy or skin issue, simply go to a doctor. They will take care of you.
  • Wear earphones that do not need to be inserted into ears. Meanwhile, relax your ear regularly, which means do not wear earphones or earbuds consistently longer than one hour.
  • To fix itchy ear canal caused by earwax buildup, you need to clean your earwax. You can go to the clinic but if you prefer to do this at home, here is a better choice. The traditional earwax remover is made of wooden or cotton. But that is prone to pushing the earwax to the inner ear canal. Nowadays, multiple people switch to a modern earwax removing tool which has a camera so that they can see where their earwax is and how much it is. eXemptCares Find B Ear Wax Removal Tool is such as a smart tool. When you find there is too much in your ear canal. You can remove it easily. This will also effectively prevent your ear get itchy again. Moreover, its smooth silicone ear spoons will not hurt your soft ear canal compared with traditional wooden earwax remover.

Things You Shouldn't Do

  • Do not wear earbuds or earphones for a long time. The pressure it brings to ear can produce different problems.
  • Do not use items like cotton swabs, paper clips, or other long and thin things to clean your ear.