S300 - Visual Blackhead Removal
S300 - Visual Blackhead Removal
S300 - Visual Blackhead Removal
S300 - Visual Blackhead Removal

S300 - Visual Blackhead Removal

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 If I were to give an award for the best product of 2021, this would be it! This is an amazing product. We use water irrigators every day at our homes, but we travel a lot as well.
The irrigators that we use are great but they’re big and bulky and not really fit for travel. When I saw this unit, I thought that it would be great to have since we travel so often, but until I received it, I had no idea how really good it is.

Prince of Peas

Tucson, AZ


Wow, I didn't expect it to sterilize the tip and water reservoir, I haven't seen this in any other similar products. The irrigador dental camera is a great help to clean teeth, it's a good gift!!!!

Allan D. Pierson

Los Angeles, CA


I have been looking for a water flosser cordless that is small enough in size, because of the braces, I need to clean my teeth anywhere. I got it. As a small and compact water pick flossers for teeth, it doesn't take up a lot of space and can do its job well. In summary, great portable water flosser




I was tired of my big bulky water flosser. This size is great for home use and travels. One full tank of water is enough for one wash. It was easy to set up the camera with the app.

S Ikari

Grove, OK


This visual water flosser is amazingly effective, and quite a modern beauty because of its great features. The flosser itself is fashionably compact. It has an HD camera that connects to my iPhone Pro via app, so I see just how clean my teeth are actually getting. My teeth have never been more void of debris, and that takes my oral health to the next level. Charging this cute powerhouse is also a breeze, as well as the waterproof water take is removable. How did I ever floss my teeth correctly before this?

M. Smith

Auburn Hills, MI


The eXempt Visual Water Flosser with Camera works really well for those spots that are hard to reach with floss. I use distilled water, because of concern over possible contamination of the small water tank. It can’t be removed and cleaned thoroughly, so if common tap water is used I could imagine it may be contaminated eventually.
It’s most useful just to look around before and after to see where you have to floss and inspect the results.I do recommend this and feel it’s a fair price.


Isle of Palms, SC

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