Deep Cleaning Teeth at Home:Top 3 Methods

Deep Cleaning Teeth at Home:Top 3 Methods

When we chew food, food residue is easy to be left in our oral cavity, especially beside the teeth. Most people only use a toothbrush to clean their teeth. The normal way can clean the food residue at the appearance of teeth. But it is hard to reach the gap between teeth and also the corner of your teeth. Day by day, with the accumulation of food residue and bacteria, plaque and tartar form, which will harm our oral health such as producing gum diseases and even gum cancer.

Going to a local dentist’s office might is a solution to protect your oral health. But dental cost sometimes disappoints us. Is it possible to deep clean teeth at home? The answer is yes!

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Teeth at Home

Why do we need to do deep cleaning teeth? Advanced tools like a water flosser can accurately reach the area that common tools like a toothbrush can not access.

Some people might have bad breath but cannot find a way to completely eliminate it. Deep cleaning teeth might be what you need to do to reduce bad breath.

Moreover, deep cleaning teeth can protect your teeth' roots. The tartar formed if you do not do deep cleaning will occupy the space of your teeth, and your teeth roots will be influenced. Therefore deep cleaning will help you strengthen your teeth and prevent you from losing teeth easily.

Is deep cleaning teeth at home safe? Some might have this worry before they decide to deep clean teeth at home. By using the proper method and professional tool, it will be safe and also comfortable to deep clean teeth at home. How can I deep clean my teeth at home? In the next part, we will go through the best solutions for deep cleaning teeth.

How to Deep Clean Teeth at Home

There are multiple tips for ordinary people to follow to deep clean teeth at home.

Clean Toothbrush and Use Electric Toothbrush

First of all, let’s check again the basic cleaning that everyone does. Do you clean your toothbrush frequently? Do you bleed when you brush your teeth? You need to find a toothbrush that suits you. A softer toothbrush or electric toothbrush suit plenty of people. And you also need clean and change your toothbrush regularly.

Best Way to Deep Clean Teeth at Home - Water Flosser

Floss your teeth before you brush. Flossing can effectively clean plaque and food debris from which toothbrushes cannot reach. It is highly recommended to use a water flosser to floss your teeth in the morning or before going to bed. According to some research, most people find it easier to use water flosser. Besides, sensitive users prefer water flosser which is less painful and can switch to a gentle mode.

Some smart water flossers even allow users to see the details of teeth and oral cavity since they are loaded with an endoscope. eXemptCares C3 Pro - Visual Water Flosser stands out with its 5 megapixels high-precision endoscope. Users can see the condition of teeth as well as oral cavity via the eXemptCares app. Therefore, eXemptCares C3 Pro, your at-home dentist, even helps its users find the problem of teeth such as decayed tooth at home. You can customize the use via its 3 modes and 3 jet tips. See how to use eXemptCares water flosser.

how to use exempt cares water flosser

To deep clean teeth at home, it is essential to use water flossing on a daily basis. Some may mistakenly use their water flossing once a week or even less. Actually, a water flosser such as eXemptCares C3 Pro can do more than you think if you use it regularly. Try to use your water flosser at least once a day.

Try Mouth Rinse

Take advantage of a mouth rinse to clean your mouth, reduce bad breath, and deep clean your mouth. But you’d better pick up those mouth rinses without alcohol which may cause teeth staining.