Dry Flaky Skin in Ear Canal? Solved!

Dry Flaky Skin in Ear Canal? Solved!

Does your ear feel quite dry? Have you found dry flaky skin in ear canal? If you even feel itchy, irritated, and crusty in your ear canal, then you may get this dry ear canal issue. But do not worry, since this is not a serious problem. If you counter this problem, keep reading to find the causes and helpful suggestions to cure your ears.

Possible Reasons for Dry Ear Canal

The dry flaky skin in ear canal might be caused by the environment, your behaviors, or some skin allergies.

When you expose your skin to heavy sun for a long time, your skin might get hurt and produce dry skin everywhere including your ear. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or the smoking will also lead to dry itchy ear canal. Other causes include hot water, soap, perfume, allergic reaction, dehydration, stress, and more.

A healthy ear will not produce too much or too little earwax. But if your earwax is too much, you may get ear blocked, which possibly brings you ear pain or dizziness. But if your earwax and natural oils are all cleaned, the ear may produce more dry skin to try to protect your ear. Usually, you use q-tips or traditional earwax remover to clean your ear and that will break the balance inside your ear canal. Later I will tell you the better method.

The dry and crusty ear canal may be brought by dry skin conditions just like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. If the skin on other parts of your body appears dry, then it is probably that you should not only focus on your ear. And for this condition, you’d better ask for the doctor’s advice.

Treatment for Dry and Crusty Ear Canal

Now let’s look at useful treatments for dry ear canal. Firstly, look back to the cause of dry ear canal.

If the symptom starts from the climate outside, you can cure your ear easily via gently cleaning the earwax and skin in your ear canal. If it itches, you can use some hydrocortisone-containing cream. Generally, people can cure dry ear canal by using petroleum jelly.

Sometimes the shampoo or soap will bring you trouble. Try to switch to another mild one and see whether there is any change. Most importantly, do not let it get into your ear when you are bathing.

Do you wear earrings? Some earrings might cause people get allergic reactions. Just remove them and leave your ear alone for a few days.

When your ear keeps itching or you still cannot find the real reason why you get dry flaky skin in ear canal, it is recommended to go to see a doctor. When your symptom gets worse, your ear appears these symptoms such as ear getting red, hurt, or appearing crusts, blood, you need to get help from the doctor as well. When you get eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis, you should do it too.

How to Remove Ear Wax and Dry Skin in Ear Canal Easily?

eXemptCares Visual Earwax Removal

A major reason for dry ear canal is the over cleaning of your ear wax. But how to clean earwax properly? We cannot clean all of them but if we leave them alone, a blocked ear will be caused. We cannot see the inner ear when we are cleaning ears. Luckily, now we do have a solution to see the inner side of the ear. eXemptCares Find B Ear Wax Removal is an ear wax removal tool with a camera so that you can see the earwax and also the ear canal. Besides, the tip of this removal’s soft spoon with a silicone cover can better protect the ear canal. This is definitely the best tool for removing dead skin from ear canal without getting hurt.